How Timmy Sneaks Used Art to Build His Own Brand; From A Hobby to A Business

Timmy sneaks is a renowned artist who started his tattoo art as a hobby while still in school. When he started doing tattoos, he didn’t know it was going to work as a regular job. He was doing it for fun. He wasn’t ready to work for somebody else at that time since he was only comfortable doing his own things.

Turning Arts into A Source of Living

Soon Timmy took a twist and jumped into making art on a full-time basis. He spent 16hours a day making stuff in his own studio. At the age of 22, he started aligning arts to his career path, doing it to attract people and make money out of it.

Timmy was freshly out of school when his manager reached out to him and they had a conversation through social media.

Later on, he had the vision of making his living out of art. When his manager Mark contacted him around that time, Timmy knew that something was just about to happen and so he put a lot of faith in himself and his manager.

Mark, Timmy’s manager soon started taking business deals because Timmy himself hated negotiating deals and doing paperwork. 

Timmy teamed up with the right people knowing that this could take his art business to the next level.

His team pushed the brands, did all the sales, and reached out to the right people. Social media platforms such as Instagram and his website at became their major sources of clients and customers which were mainly different brands, galleries and celebrities.

Work and success

However, Timmy recounts that his success did not happen overnight. It took him teamwork, time and a lot of hard work to reach the success level.

Depending on the piece of art and the requirements of a client, it takes Timmy around 4 to 5weeks to complete a piece of work. He also has to do a lot of referencing and research to work on any piece.

Timmy also collaborates with other artists. For example, he recently collaborated with Mighty Jaxx to produce a sculptural piece.

Building the brand

Timmy and his co-founders have built and strengthened their brand on the power of saying NO. They have been selective on which deals to take and which one to reject. 

This has given them a slow but steady growth, taking the brand to their own desired level. Consequently, they have managed to maintain focus in the business.

“We have been very specific on which company we want to work with and this has remained the key part in taking us where we want to be and it has been a slow but a steady growth for our brand’’ declares Timmy Sneaks.

His advice to entrepreneurs and artists

Timmy’s advice to entrepreneurs is to stay true to their visions and do whatever it takes to reach their success. He also encourages artists to put in a lot of hard work, be consistent and visualize without copying other people’s work.

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