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Are you an industry leader, expert and want to establish your expertise?

Action & Ambition uses a unique membership model that focuses on a smaller group of curated content partners, which we call, Action & Ambition VIP Contributors where we allow you to publish your articles through our platform.

As a Contributor you get:

  • Ability to submit posts on Action & Ambition as long as your content meets simple editorial guidelines ($5,500+ value)
  • Google Indexed Personal Page ($1,500+ value)
  • An exclusive article featuring you published directly on the site by us in the first 3 months ($2,500+ value)
  • Expedited article publishing once per month (we’ll rush it within our editing team so it gets published FAST!) ($1,500+ value)
  • Select posts shared across our social media channels, with 100M+ potential reach. ($1,750+ value)
  • That’s a value of over $12,500+.

For a limited time,  you can become a VIP for $350/mo.

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