The Advancing Technology in Video Production

Tim Moore and Jonathan Davila are the Founders of Diamond View Studios and Vu Technologies. Tim Moore is a three-time Emmy Award-winning director. He connects with his audiences through emotion-driven stories, dynamic visuals, and compelling audio. Tim has collaborated with some of the world’s most admired brands, including Gatorade, Hyatt, and USAA. He specializes in creatively-ambitious projects for creatively-ambitious people. On the other hand, Jonathan directs the day-to-day operations and strategizes the company’s growth. He facilitates major clients interface.

XR extended reality

It is the big new way that films are being made.  The term “extended reality” (XR) encompasses all of the different ways in which technology can create realistic-looking or interactive experiences that go beyond what we typically experience in the physical world. This includes:

Awareness of and interaction with objects outside of the screen, like the car keys on your deck, augmented and virtual reality, allows users to interact with a digital environment while remaining aware of their surroundings. Presentation of information or experiences through a non-traditional interface, like Google Glass or other head-mounted displays.

How Tim and Jonathan got into film production

Since the fourth grade, Tim and Jonathan have known each other and were best men at each other’s weddings. They have seen each other grow since they were young kids. Tim was the one who was interested in videos which later attracted Jonathan. Tim tricked Jon into resigning his job and getting into video production. After resigning, they partnered up and launched Diamond View Studios, which went from a 500-square-foot little office to a multi Emmy award-winning agency over the course of ten years. 

The virtual background

During the pandemic, Tim and Jon started thinking of ways to bring clients to them, and that is when the virtual background came to life. It rang true when they were doing a shoot with Jack Daniels. They were pouring the bottles in front of a beach scene. You could see through the glass in real-time and the reflections of the beach. It looks so natural. That is when they decided to do it bigger. It was like a dream came true because they got featured on The Today’s Show and their first client was Mercedes Benz.

There are many benefits to virtual sets that are used in real-time video production. A virtual set combines real-time video and computer-generated objects into a single image, which is then displayed as the background for a live video feed. Media organizations, including ABC, CBS, and CNN, have adopted the technology to replace the green screen with a more engaging and realistic image.

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