Your numbers don’t lie.

You must inspect what you expect.

Your numbers don’t lie.

You must inspect what you expect.

You have to know where you are before you can design a plan to get where you want to go.

I don’t mean just knowing how much revenue you did last year.

I mean really knowing your numbers.

So what are they?

Let’s dial in.

What was your revenue last year?

How many clients did you serve?

Divide revenue by clients and that’s your average revenue per client.

That’s an easy one.

That’s why we start with it.

How many appointments with new prospects did you have last year?

How many became clients?

That’s your closing ratio.

How many new prospects responded to all the marketing you did last year?

That is your practices attraction level.

Was it higher than the year before or lower?  Are you tracking it?

How many referrals did you get last year?

Divide your number of households by your referrals and that’s your referral ratio.

Are you happy with that number?

How many client birthdays did you celebrate last year?

How many referrals attended?

How many became clients?

That’s your birthday conversion level.

What?  You mean you aren’t celebrating your client’s birthdays with them?

There are more numbers (Key Performance Indicator’s or KPI’s) to know, but hopefully this gives you an idea.

A great resource on this topic is Verne Harnish’s book: Scaling Up

Go here to discuss how to improve your results:

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