Project Managers With Advanced Training Lead Companies to Success

 Nearly every industry imaginable needs some level of project management. While some may not require an entire project management department, the basic tenets of project management are helpful to keep businesses on a trajectory of successful outcomes and increased revenue. 

 Project Managers are seeing their day in the sun as of late as more and more businesses move to develop workflow strategies and remote opportunities to accommodate the changes wrought by the pandemic. The work that project managers do is needed more than ever. 

 Yad Senapathy, Founder and CEO of the Project Management Training Institute (PMTI), knows well the demand for expertly-trained and capable project managers in today’s job market. PMTI leads the market in training project managers to receive their Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, a distinction that can lead to career advancement and highly sought-after skills that employers are looking for. 

 “It is statistically proven through countless studies that certification holders are more effective at their duties in project management and are known to earn approximately 23% more than those without a certification,” says Senapathy. 

A Challenging Undertaking

PMP certification training is challenging and covers various topics, from Agile framework, Gantt charts, risk analysis, and other vital matters employers seek again and again from their project managers. In 2021, the PMP certification exam went through an overhaul, and its demanding nature has upped the ante for aspiring Project Managers. 

 “The “hows” and “whys” of project management are just as critical as learning them in the first place,” says Senapathy. 

Is PMP Certification Necessary? All Signs Point to Yes!  

Many project managers grapple with whether or not the PMP certification is necessary, given the challenges presented in obtaining it and the costs associated with training. 

Market-leader PMTI approaches hesitancy with fact, outlining the clear benefits of PMP certification. 

The project management job market is rapidly growing. According to the PMI (2017) Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017-2027 study, 22 million new project management jobs will be available by 2027. With such rapid growth, project managers will need to train and get certified to remain competitive. 

In addition to being highly valued by hiring managers, it also leads to far more income in the long run.

Project management as a practice has a lot of variables, and training extensively on the intricate in’s and out’s of the profession will lead to definite benefits. The benefits are not only for employers but also for individuals who stand to become more employable with PMP certifications and better paid. 

As the working world continues to undergo its post-COVID metamorphosis, project managers will be called on to come in and help companies work their way through crisis management, undertaking new projects, and leading the charge in changing processes.

Gigi Marino

Gigi Marino is a senior publicist at Otter Public Relations in Orlando, Florida. She also is a poet, essayists, and soup maker who is in love with words, spices, and the moon. Her main goal in life is to create magical moments where they are needed most.

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