Ornament Invention Created by Shelton Brothers Getting National Attention

As the holiday gets close, every family will have the products needed to decorate the Christmas tree. Young businessmen, 12-year-old Ayaan and 13-year-old Mika’il “Mickey”, found a way to prevent their favorite decorations from falling on the tree and breaking. Together with his brother Mika’il, they design products, patent it, create great websites, calculate profits, and conduct their market analysis together. Last December, they tested the market with a basic strategy and sold 6,500 decorative anchors at local crafts and Christmas fairs.

The invention

A set of safe ornament hangers is very suitable for keeping all kinds of Christmas decorations safe. These heavy-duty ornament hangers not only hang decorations on a tree but also secure it to branch, instead of ordinary ornament anchors that hang on the tree and fall.

Thanks to the patent-pending loop and pull, the decoration can be clipped to the branches and secured in place. Ornament anchors are divided into packs of 24, 48, and 96. Each anchor can hold up to 48 ounces (3 lbs.), so you can view all your favorite decorations without slipping or breaking them.

Impact of COVID-19

Three months before the pandemic, the decorative anchor was launched in November 2019. During the product launch, it was difficult for Ayaan to be isolated suddenly and homeschool. He had to completely change his strategy of showing products to major retailers at major trade shows and exhibitions, which were canceled this year.
The brothers did not slow down because of the cancellation. A week later, the boys received their first purchase order. It did not stop at QVC. In the “Good Morning America” interview with Tory Johnson, the ornamental anchor was also mentioned. Also, this product is featured on Amazon Launchpad and the net profit of their business this year exceeds $250,000. The children proudly say that part of their income is used to shelter needy pets and animals.
‘Running an enterprise with your brother has its advantages and disadvantages. But we make it work, and we are the best of friends always,” Mika’il said.

“It’s an extraordinary journey,” Ayaan said. “With my brother particularly. Just to go along and just both of us marketing our product is really cool.”

The verdict of Ayaan about their invention

I know you might be thinking, “Wait, he’s just a kid!”

As Ayaan, explains, “Born among many entrepreneurs, I always like to see the growth of creativity, and I also want to come up with new ideas. I grew up in the company of a very talented designer, so my parents and their team helped me create the prototype until I was ready to release it. We are happy to be able to bring ornamental anchors to life and help others preserve their priceless decorations. The idea of decorating an anchor came from my family. One day our impressive decorations fell from our tree and broke. We were truly sad because it had a special meaning for our family and was irreplaceable. I thought these stupid hooks would not stop. There must be a better way to ensure the safety of the decorations on trees. That was the birth of the ornament anchor.”



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