NFTs continue to evolve: Wilder World closes new round at $3 million

The world of NFTs continues to move at lightning speed.

Spartan Group-led Wilder World, described as ‘an immersive 3D universe powered entirely by NFTs’ has raised $3 million in their latest round in an effort to provide advanced NFT utility in their unique multiverse.  

Blockchain investors like DCG, Maven 11 Capital, and Animoca Brands all contributed to the round, with Capital3D artist Frank Wilder and Zero. Space architect n3o taking charge of the project.

The Wilder Universe 

So, what is the Wilder World multiverse? It’s akin to an open-world video game, wherein users experience a mixed-reality world with the opportunity to explore freely, buy land, and create customized characters and avatars. It’s an experience (literally) in itself. 

Of course, a marketplace is still the centerpiece. Much like other NFT ‘stores,’ artists and collectors mingle in a hodgepodge of art. The marketplace, combined with the rapid evolution of ‘experience’ NFT life, is certainly inspiring. One has to imagine Wilder’s progress is a wonderful sign for the future of the industry as a whole.

Wilder also notes that they solve three entrenched problems in the industry; liquidity, decentralization, and utility. 


Not everyone is a millionaire. Shocker, right? Advanced liquidity offers regular users a way to buy and sell regularly, as opposed to the classic ‘holding game’ that many NFT platforms have become. To make this happen, Wilder World is promoting accessible, fractionalized NFTs. 

Ultimately, the easier it is for a newcomer to participate, the easier it’ll be for NFTs to advance into the mainstream. That’s the goal, at least. 


Wilder is fully decentralized. 

Essentially, Wilder has committed to being a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, wherein ‘3D Artists become members of the Guild in exchange for $WILD token and receive a percentage of sales based on the art they contribute,’ as noted in their most recent press release.

Power to the people is the message here. The middleman is gone and offering those that make the platform tick a better piece of the pie is most definitely a key to success in the crowded NFT world (a world where artists have near-limitless options at their fingertips). 


Imagine reading a comic vs. going to the theater and watching a 3D movie. In essence, that’s the difference between Wilder and other NFT universes. 

With Wilder, the hope is that users will enjoy photo-realistic, 3D pieces of art that fundamentally differ from the virtual-only nature of some NFTs. Want a pair of sneakers? Want a T-shirt? With Wilder, it’s possible. 

Everybody from age 5 to 95 loves collectibles. It’s hard to imagine this isn’t a proper evolution of baseball cards, plates, and yes, even beanie babies.

Wilder’s Recent Success

Success doesn’t come easy. Recently, Wilder has seen several milestones that have brought them to where they are today: to the front of a crowded, competitive horse race for NFT-world space. 

In the last 90 days, they’ve onboarded more than 500 crypto artists and collectors, seen more than 20,000 subscribers join, and finalized explosive partnerships with nearly 100 influencers in the crypto space.

To sum it up, Frank Wilder, Wilder World co-founder, had this to say:

“We are assembling the greatest 3D artists of our time into a Guild to collaborate on stories, characters, landscapes, and environments to create the Metaverse; it’s a project far more ambitious than any single artist could create on their own,” said “At the same time, we are democratizing NFT art by providing greater access to all levels of the market, not just the elites and uber-wealthy.”

Note: The metaverse is still in beta mode, though it is available for demonstrations.

Andrew Medal

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