Meet the Witches of Wall Street

Women are changing the world every day. From the U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris to Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake, countless inspirational women are shaping the landscape of business and politics. 

For every influential female leader who makes headlines worldwide, dozens more are slowly making strides in the business world. These are dedicated, innovative, and unstoppable women that are paving a path to success their way. 

Meet the Witches of Wall Street: seven female CEOs and entrepreneurs who are making their voices heard. They may come from different backgrounds and industries but have united under one common goal: to make women’s voices heard. Each woman runs a 6, 7, or 8-figure empire that has helped them create wealth for themselves, their family, and their communities. 

When these seven women come together, something magical happens! Here’s what you must know about these incredible leaders:

  1. Michelle Patrick, The Medicine Woman – Founder & CEO of The Michelle Patrick Brand

As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic nutrition, Patrick knows a thing or two about staying healthy. She believes the human body can self-healing when the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies align in their divine thread of consciousness. 

Her approach to health goes beyond merely prescribing medicines. Instead, she uses holistic methods to encourage her patients to live a lifestyle that promotes their own well-being. 

“To accept that any symptoms arising from the body are just things and they are not coming from the depths of the roots within the soils of our body is totally irresponsible,” Patrick says. 

She helps her clients cultivate their inner physician through learning radical responsibility and discovering more about their internal ecology. Patrick’s philosophy is all about mastering yourself to maximize your physical and emotional wellness. 

2. Rhonda Swan, The Spirit Warrior – Founder & CEO of The Unstoppable Branding Agency

It was over a decade ago when Swan quit her high-paying corporate job to start her own company. After realizing that her 9-to-5 wouldn’t allow her to raise her daughter the way she wanted, Swan decided it was time to take matters into her own hands.

Since then, she’s built a marketing empire: The Unstoppable Branding Agency. She aims to help budding entrepreneurs and business people make a name for themselves in today’s increasingly crowded marketplace. With Swan’s expertise and guidance, her clients can effectively and authentically tell their stories to a broad audience. 

“Through my private mentorship program, world-class online training course, and best-selling book with an audience in 88 countries, I help people like you turn their passions into profits, dream big, and create a life you love with meaningful action to create unstoppable results,” she says.

3. Soraya Garfield, The Phoenix – Motivational Speaker

Action and Ambition

Empowering women has always been part of Garfield’s mission. When she was the executive director of a lingerie store called The BraBar Boutique, Garfield helped women find the ideal bras that would help boost their confidence. The BraBar Boutique was so prestigious that it was voted Best Lingerie Boutique several years in a row by Salt Lake Magazine

She’s also led numerous other efforts, such as creating the Night of Empowerment, raised money for breast cancer survivors, and held no-cost healing retreats in Park City, Utah.

Now, Garfield aims to empower women differently: motivational speaking. After leaving her native homeland of Utah to live in Bali, Garfield has undergone coaching classes to learn how to bring out the best in others.

“Life happens for us, not to us, so fail fast, fail often, and fail forward,” she says.

4. Taryn Lee, The Empress – Founding Brand Partner of Healy Australia & Founder of Evolve and Awakin’

Action and Ambition

Lee has always been obsessed with helping others live their dreams. When your limiting beliefs of self-sabotaging actions no longer hold you down, you can truly live the life you’ve always wanted.

Her goal is to help the world leverage freedom-supporting business models and create a movement of conscious entrepreneurship. Lee wants to give people the tools and roadmap they need to succeed. This means putting your heart and soul into your work to create the best life possible.

“The empires of the future are the empires of the heart and the soul,” says Lee. 

5. Leah Steele, The Oracle – Founder & CEO of The Leah Steele Brand

Action and Ambition

Napoleon Hill’s massively influential financial advice book Think and Grow Rich doesn’t focus on investment techniques or get-rich-quick schemes. Instead, it focuses on one thing: mindset.

Steele recognizes just how important mindset is to success. She wants to deconstruct the financial slavery consciousness that so many people find themselves in. Steele helps her clients achieve greater enlightenment, abundance, and wealth by repatterning people’s unconscious thought patterns than ever before. Her methods allow clients to unlock their full potential and build successful business empires.

Steele is also the CEO and founder, producer of The Witches of Wall Street reality television show, host, and producer of The Wealth Witch Podcast, a top wealth and entrepreneur podcast for women.

6. Tracey Jewel, The Mother Pearl – Founder of Upself

Action and Ambition

The Mother of Pearl is a gem thought to bring prosperity, wealth, and good fortune to those who bear it. It is also said to protect its wearer from negative energy by shielding it with love.

Jewel is the Mother Pearl because, just like the gemstone, she helps guide others to fortune and success. She aims to help women discover their innate gifts and abilities and identify their strengths and competencies.

“The archetype of the mother pearl guides me in creating my own true-life story, not a story directed by just being a mum or by others,” she says. “This understanding and inner access allow me to make conscious choices that have personal meaning and fulfillment for me, as an individual.”

7. Sarah Blackah, The Guidess – Women’s Retreat Facilitator and Mentor at Collective Freedom

Action and Ambition

“To me, the archetype of the Guidess means to help lead people to their highest truth and inspire them to have the courage to honor it,” says Blackah. “Nothing will bring you more joy than who you really are.”

Blackah is the Guidess because she helps lead women to financial freedom and high-income lifestyles. 

“I empower women to be free of any conditioning about who they think they need to be in order to live the life they wish to live,” she says. “In other words, I’m helping them discard the expectations and regulations which hold them back.”

Blackah calls her approach the Feminine Abundance Blueprint. In it, she uses a variety of different philosophies to create “codes” and “blueprints” to live your life by. Following these “blueprints” will help women reach their maximum potential, especially in business and wealth creation. 

Want to learn more about the Witches of Wall Street and how they’re empowering women, changing lives, and re-shaping the business world? Follow the Witches of Wall Street Instagram page to keep up with the latest happenings. You can also follow Michelle Patrick, Rhonda Swan, Soraya Garfield, Taryn Lee, Leah Steele, Tracey Jewel, and Sarah Blackah on their pages. 

Rhonda Swan

Rhonda Swan is the founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency.

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