How “Wealth Witch” Leah Steele is Changing the Way Women Think About Money

Money is a touchy subject but something necessary to talk about. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people in a dire financial situation. Almost half of Americans say they’re struggling with money, according to a 2021 survey conducted by Prudential Financial. That’s up 22% from 2020.

It might be a difficult conversation to have, but it’s worth talking about to help uncover the roots of the problem. 

Enter Leah Steele. As the founder and CEO of the Leah Steele Brand, she is trying to free women from what she calls “financial slavery.” Steele recently appeared on The Help Me Rhonda Show to discuss how shifting your mindset can help bring prosperity. 

The show is hosted by Rhonda Swan, founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency. Swan hosts long-form discussions with other successful entrepreneurs to find out how they’ve achieved success and prosperity. 

“What is this deconstructing financial slavery?” Swan asked. “What does that even mean?”

“We’ve been controlled and manipulated by a global financial agenda,” said Steele. “I believe that each and every person is conditioned and programmed from the time they take their first breath on this planet to be a compliant commodity. And what that means is that we’re raised to operate inside an agenda. Essentially, we’re all born into financial slavery.”

Many people unintentionally limit themselves through their thoughts and beliefs. As a result, they unknowingly hold themselves back from living their best lives. Furthermore, much of this programming happens since the day we were born.

“If you think about it, there’s going to be a lot of people that might have a lot to say about that, especially women,” Swan replied. 

“I really believe that women are the foundation of the collective and that we are the most powerful creators in the collective,” Steele said. “I feel like it’s time right now for us to step fully into our divine purpose on this planet which is to create and to change the world.”

Steele went on to say that our insidious programming doesn’t just come from society — it comes from our ancestry. People carry at least seven generations (if not more) of ancestral DNA memory, affecting how we view topics like money. By deconstructing these harmful beliefs, we can not only help ourselves but spread that knowledge and awareness to future generations.

“I see women that are so open and bomb-domineering […] in talking about money and others are so insecure,” Swan said. “Are those the women that you’re working with? And how do you get them to start talking about debt and opening themselves up?”

“I work with women that are in a place in their lives where they are tired of feeling controlled by money,” Steele answered. “They are tired of feeling like money controls them and dictates what they can or can’t do in their life.” 

She mentioned that many women want to be free from the grip money has over their lives. They want money to be an ally, not a controller. Unfortunately, much of that control comes from the programming we’ve all received which dictates how we feel and interact with money. 

Reprogramming your mind takes hard work and dedication. Steele mentioned that many of our thought patterns are unconscious and almost unnoticed. For example, we get limiting ideas about money from our family and society without even realizing it.

“If you were born into a wealthy family or a poor family, you have programming and conditioning around money,” Steele said. “That programming and conditioning holds you back from your infinite potential.”

The Wealth Witch

Action and Ambition

As someone who watched her single mom work multiple jobs to put food on the table, Steele knew she never wanted to live like that. She got her first retail job at 13 and has never worked less than one job ever since. She knew the importance of hustling and making money. 

She became an emotional clearing practitioner when she was older. This job helped her clear her own limiting beliefs around money and wealth. At the same time, she was helping lead her clients to their purpose which, in turn, helped them make more money. 

Steele’s aptitude for helping her clients increase their income helped her land the nickname “The Wealth Witch.” She rejected the name at first because of its seemingly negative connotations. After all, witches are meant to be evil and wicked, right?

Then again, witches can also be magical. They call upon arcane forces to exert their power and influence. 

While Steele considers herself more of a “wealth creation strategist,” she’s embraced her new nickname with pleasure. 

“It can have such a negative connotation to it, right?” Swan asked. “How do you explain that when someone asks, ‘What is The Wealth Witch?’”

“I do it through a means of empowering women to step into their divine gifts and purpose,” she says. “The thing I really truly desire to activate in women is their innate knowledge that they are here to be creators and healers. They’re here actually to heal this planet. That, to me, is what the word ‘witch’ was.”

Sounds pretty witchy to me, don’t you think?

A New Age for Women

Action and Ambition

As more women embrace their inner power, the business world must adjust to go along with it. People are slowly realizing that the old ways of doing it — the traditionally masculine ways — aren’t the way of the future. 

“When I was in corporate, I was in a man’s world,” Swan said, “[I] was taught to fight and taught that, in order to be successful, you have to be that […] bulldog. But that doesn’t have to happen anymore.”

“And so you are saying now that the age we’re moving into is creating more of a space for women to flourish?” she asked. 

“We’ve moved out of the Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius,” replied Steele. “This is very feminine energy. We’re moving into an age now that’s about the collective, and women are about the collective. And so for us, we desire to see the collective rise, we desire to see our children rise, we desire to see our communities rise.”

Ultimately, Steele hopes that as more women tap into their innate power, we’ll see more of them working together to make a difference. That means more women as friends and business partners who are forming financially and spiritually fruitful relationships.

So what does The Wealth Witch think women should do to break out of financial slavery? 

Steele says to start by questioning everything you know — especially things you think are absolutely true. So many people are stuck in their state of financial slavery consciousness through lies told by government and financial institutions, which trickle their way down to everyday people. You’re going to remain stuck as long as you keep following the old patterns you’ve been taught.

“If we just stopped believing everything that we believed was true because we’ve been told our whole lives it was true, the world would change radically,” she says.

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Rhonda Swan

Rhonda Swan is the founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency.

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