How AJ Bruno Sold His Company For $225m

AJ Bruno is a speaker, a mentor and a business adviser. He is the co-founder of QuotaPath, a B2B company that tracks commissions and revenue for other sales companies.

AJ Bruno has a long business history dating back in the years. He started his career in Philadelphia in 2008 and moved to San Diego where he led a team of companies. 

 He worked as an employee for other companies like SaaS, a service operated company that did media monitoring by allowing clients to receive daily news, emails and updates.

In 2012, AJ attended Tommy Robbin’s business conference which became transformational to his life. He started limiting his own beliefs and knew that he could do something and anything he wanted to do in life.

From there, he started writing his own goals and outlined what he was going to do. He sat down and thought of starting a company, owning an aeroplane and having 3kids. 

AJ Bruno’s Startup

It’s from there that he partnered with his friend Matt Alison and together they came up with a company’s name, brand and mode of operation. This marked the birth of TrendKite, a B2B Newsletter selling company in 2012. Four months later they managed to raise a $1.2million capital.

Source of capital

Even though they had a product that was running, the original capital for the business came from accelerators. They went for an MBA crash course on how to run a business, raise capital, talk to MBPs and also went for prototypes.

A lot of their capital also came from friends who were entrepreneurs. They applied for YC and Texas for accelerators and programs and got investors who gave them the experience and support.

They laid down their personal expectations and said they aspired to be a B2B machine company. Despite having few challenges, TrendKite eventually started as a business and in four years they were able to hit $20million revenue.

The success mechanism

As a company, AJ Bruno and his associates used three main mechanisms that pushed their business to that immediate success. This included;

  •  Hiring the right talent that also became the business referrals
  •  Identifying ideal customer profile
  • Using PR distribution that marketed their business idea

After only six years of operation, TrendKite grew to over 400 employees, generating an income of about $30million monthly. Due to AJ Bruno’s ardent business skills, he is attributed to TrendKite’s growth from $0 -$25 million.

Selling TrendKite to Cission AY company

TrendKite eventually started their business relationship with Cission AY company.  They bought two companies that were Cission’s main interest. This made it easy for them to get into business deals with Cission company strengthening the bond.

However, after a series of business deals, they sold TrendKite to Cission AY company at a price of $225million.

Starting the new company

In 2018, AJ started his own company called QuotaPath company. QuotaPath is a commission and revenue tracking software company that helps other companies track their sales and revenue commission with an investment of $5 million.

His main source of capital was from institutional investors, shares and personal money. Currently, QuotaPath is a team of 18 people including AJ Bruno himself.

Boosting staff morale at his company

To ensure the effective running of the company, AJ Bruno has had to boost his employees’ work moral. He does so by encouraging, motivating and inspiring them.

He motivates his team by giving a bigger budget for business operations. He allows his employees to work from home and often give them motivational speeches that inspire and direct them on what is to be done.

Inspiring other entrepreneurs

 AJ Bruno uses his success journey with his new company to encourage other entrepreneurs not to give up.  He inspires them to face every day with actions and ambitions. ‘’Everyday is a new day. You can strive however good or bad the day is and have a better life.’’ says AJ Bruno.

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