Henry Ma: Business Opportunities Needed to Scale Your Growth

CEO of Ricoma, Henry Ma, shares his most important tips for fostering your business’ success.

No matter the industry you’re in, every business has the potential to expand within the market and take new avenues to increase revenue. For years, the fashion industry has been dominated by the desire for personalization and custom apparel. This demand continues to be met by garment and textile industry leaders at Ricoma. 

However, just meeting that demand wasn’t enough for them. The team chooses to exceed it daily with after-hours support and comprehensive training. All customers are prepared and excited for opportunities to help grow their own custom design apparel businesses. The CEO of Ricoma, Henry Ma, explains what essential foundational strategies can be integrated into any company structure to keep it growing and customers happy to keep coming back. 

Opening the Door to More

For smaller businesses, establishing an online presence or finding a local community to start receiving orders is a great way to get the systems going. Although most industries have a variety of current markets, sometimes the most successful leaders are the ones that work to fill a void or work their way into a specific niche of need. 

Recognizing where the demand for services or products comes from helps companies determine how they should engage with their customers and set up operations systems for employees. There will always be new technology and protocols to upgrade systems of action that keep everything running efficiently. Ma stated, “Take the time during hiring to strengthen your existing team to improve those new operations. They’ll have the specialization and passion for making it happen.”

As the business grows and establishes a wide-reaching brand, solidifying that connection with targeted audiences will help customers become loyal, returning clients. Get creative at this stage to show how the company is continuing to improve standards and internal operations to make the experience with your company more appealing. It will only positively reflect the growing business and make company employees feel like their problems are being solved.

Taking Advantage of Free Opportunities

As social media continues to flourish and provide more and more opportunities for engaging and connecting with wider audiences, business leaders should be taking advantage of the low to no cost of marketing their company online. By utilizing these online platforms, potential customers have the chance to learn all about a company to decide if their needs match up with a brand’s products or services. 

One of the essential elements to building a successful online following is consistency.  Regularly creating content that resonates with your audience helps create and maintain relationships with potential and current customers and builds trust in your brand. This is where investing in a great marketing strategy, or social media team can make a difference. Pro tip: Planning ahead by scheduling posts and repurposing content for the various platforms can help relieve the stress of creating content daily and weekly. 

At Ricoma, they make sure to create content that their customers actually ask for. Paying attention to and responding to all comments made online can be used as direct feedback. This allows their team to make targeted videos and posts, which will help provide solutions for any customers learning how to use their products. Creating content that they already know their customers are looking for increases engagement and allow even more people to see their content.

Big Picture Perspectives for Positive Impact

With a commitment to being better people and businesses, we are creating leaders that participate in communities and that care about their customers beyond the profit they bring in. Focusing on crafting a growth strategy will ultimately be a company’s best tool for success. Ma commented, “Thinking long-term and keeping a finger on the market’s pulse will guide the direction of your company’s future growth.”

“The ultimate vision and goal of Ricoma as a business is to change the landscape of the embroidery industry with how we interact with our customers by providing great experiences, products, and services and become a one-stop-shop for custom design apparel,” Ma elaborated. “At the ship’s helm, leaders are in place to support our employees and give them the platform to challenge them personally and professionally.” 

Ma’s experience with Ricoma has shown how creating a positive impact on customer experience will drive repeat business and growth for a company. On the management side, holding employees accountable without micro-managing them can foster growth within an industry. Whether the steps taken are client-facing or internally driven, listening to feedback and keeping an eye on the end goal will continue to drive successful outcomes.

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