Consciousness, Vibrations, and Feminine Energy: How Taryn Lee is Changing the Business Game

Can you mix science, spirituality, and entrepreneurship?

It’s an unusual combination that might even sound like a contradiction, but one woman is out to prove that it’s possible. That woman is Taryn Lee, a conscious entrepreneur and the founder of both Evolve, Awakin, and a Founding Partner for Healy Australia. 

Lee was recently featured on The Help Me Rhonda Show, a podcast that features today’s most innovative and interesting entrepreneurs. The host Rhonda Swan is an entrepreneur too. She founded the Unstoppable Branding Agency, which has helped countless clients reach their dreams. Together, these two women shared their takes on conscious entrepreneurship, spirituality, and the changing business landscape.

The Convergence of Spirituality and Science

As someone who has multiple science degrees and has spent two decades in the field, Lee probably isn’t the first person that comes to mind when you think of spirituality. She’d spent many years of her life working for corporations involved in fields like investment banking and aviation — none of which particularly scream mindfulness. Yet, a whole new world opened up for her when she moved to Bali.

By Lee’s account, Bali is one of the most spiritual places in the world — a far cry from her old life based almost exclusively in science and reason. 

“It was always really fascinating to me how science and spirituality really merge,” says Lee. “We’re seeing it now with the evolution of many things in medicine, wellness, and health. But really that old ancient wisdom which has pulled through science and technology and just being made more tangible stuff we’ve already always known.”

“What does it mean to be a thought leader in frequencies?” Swan asked.

“I know the conversations of frequencies sometimes could freak some people out,” Lee admits. “I guess the easiest way to explain it without going into any kind of quantum stuff is that frequency is just a language.”

As an example, Lee points to sound healing. She explains that a sound healer uses frequencies that activate language codes within the body. Your body resonates with the frequencies, almost like it’s singing a song.

“What happens on a cellular level?” Swan asked.

“We’re an information field first before we’re a body,” she says. “It’s recording stuff in this information field. This information field is what brings us into our current reality. So if you’re feeling disease, trauma, or any of those kinds of things, it’s because your information field has these things stored inside like a memory.”

Lee explains that sound healing helps “push” that information outside of your body. 

“You’re literally vibrating out the negative energies and frequencies help do that,” Swan said. 

Spreading Healing to the World

Action and Ambition

“I would never expect the knowledge and wealth of understanding that you have,” Swan said. “Have you always been this way?” 

“I was always an odd child,” Lee replied. “I definitely saw the world in a totally different way to how other people saw the world. I could see things that were maybe ahead of its time.”

“So all of this knowledge that you’ve […] started studying has now brought you to where you are today,” Swan said. “Which is not only educating those on understanding frequencies and how they work and how this modern technology can actually heal your body. But you’re also part of the development and creation of a device that people can use to do that”

That technology is called Healy — a medical device which uses vibrations to balance the body’s energy fields and activate self-healing. Currently, Lee is a Founding Partner at Healy Australia.

“The very first day, I remember holding this thing in my hand,” she says. “As soon as I touched it, I was like this was meant for me to bring this to the world. Like everything leading up to it. Every experience, every science degree, every odd thing, every conference I ever went to was for me to be able to bring this.”

So Lee made it her mission to spread her discoveries to the world. How could others benefit from using vibrations to improve their health and rid themselves of negative energy?

Her work is especially important in the shadow of a global pandemic that has left many suffering physically, financially, and psychologically. Lee believes that the burdens of COVID-19 led many to seek new routes of healing and self-care.

“It was a time when I think that people have become more open and more awake to this kind of stuff,” she said. “We’ve seen, from a business perspective, this completely take off in a way that I don’t think we ever really truly could have predicted.”

Healy is a tool for the modern age: The Age of Aquarius. 

“Literally everything you talked about is coming to fruition,” said Swan.

“Yeah, everything from spirituality to science, to technology, to humanity, to the fact that it really is such an empowering model to really help female leaders and females in general,” she replied. “So to me it is the tool of the Age of Aquarius.”

The Power of Feminine Energy

Action and Ambition

But Lee doesn’t want to just stop at healing frequencies. She believes that it’s essential for people to change their mindsets as well.

Women especially have been put into a box where they’re told they need to “act like a man” to succeed. They’re told to be aggressive, headstrong, and assertive if they want to climb the corporate ladder. 

“I was taught that in order to be successful, I’ve got a charge,” said Swan. “I’ve got to hustle. I’ve got to fight. You know, it’s got to be that Bulldog battle. As a female, there was a lot of stressful energy that came from that.”

It was that same aggressive energy that leads many women to experience burnout and stress. Even if it helps them accelerate their career, it often comes at the cost of both her mental and physical health.

“Are more women starting to come into this?” Swan asked. “Like shifting from being suppressed in part of the patriarchy to ‘Look, we’re thriving’?” 

“In that world, which is the Piscean world, [is] a very masculine world,” Lee replied. “It’s all about power and climbing the ladder, that sort of stuff. Hustle and grind. That’s the old world.”

Now the new age, The Age of Aquarius, will bring about changes to our old world paradigm. This age is a transformative space that will make us dramatically rethink how we view the world.

“The new world is much more about feminine energy and creating community,” she said. “As we enter into this space, you’re going to find that we’re going to break away from that old masculine paradigm.” 

This new feminine energy means that women can tap into their true potential. They’re no longer trying to act like men but rather behave in a way that’s in tune with their true nature.

“I think when we were trying to emulate men, we were suppressing our real power,” Lee said. “Women don’t have to be powerhouses, wear power suits, or be this intimidating kind of woman. Our true power is to tap into the true essence of our femininity, the true essence of what it is to be a creator and receiver.”

Lee believes that women who tap into their power can genuinely master their destiny and live the life they want. 

“It’s not good or bad,” she elaborated. “It’s just that’s how one way was done and now we’re entering a new way.”

Now she’s helping out women find their strength in a different way. She’s part of the Witches of Wall Street podcast — a talk show where seven powerful businesswomen come together and discuss their secrets to success.

After all, what woman is more powerful than a witch? Witches were burned at stake in the old days because of how much women’s power was feared. Now, these seven women are reclaiming the term “witch” along with women’s incredible power.

“I truly believe I am a bridge,” Lee said. “That show for me is how we bridge spirituality and money. We show women that are creating great success but still very conscious and live in that sort of paradigm of spirituality.”

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Rhonda Swan

Rhonda Swan is the founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency.

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